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Do you want to know -- What is an 'abortion'?

What type of abortion do I need?

What to expect "before an abortion"? What to expect "after an abortion"?

Let us answer your questions here or by calling one of our helpful staff.


How safe is abortion?
Very safe. Our doctors are gynecologists who have years of experience specializing in abortion care. It’s unusual to have even minor problems.

How do I know whether to choose a surgical abortion or abortion by pill?
The pill must be done very early in the pregnancy, 49 days from the first day of your last period. It is more involved than a surgical procedure and may require more than one follow-up visit. Some women like the idea of using medicine rather than instruments for the abortion. A surgical abortion is more efficient than a pill because everything is usually completed in one visit.

Will I be able to get pregnant again after having an abortion?
Generally, abortion does not affect your fertility. You should consider the day of the abortion the same as the first day of a period with ovulation in about 14 days. You could become pregnant again right away.

Does it hurt?
Under local anesthesia you should expect to feel a lot of hard cramping similar to a bad period during and immediately after the abortion. Twilight sleep or IV sedation relaxes you but you still feel cramping during and after the abortion. If you choose general anesthesia you are fully asleep during the abortion and will only feel some mild cramping when you awaken. Twilight sleep and general anesthesia are available only in the Rockville facility.

How do I know which anesthesia to choose?
The local anesthesia is an injection of Lidocaine around your cervix, which offers some numbing to the immediate area. You are fully conscious. If you know you don’t want to see, hear or feel anything general anesthesia is the better choice. Twilight sleep and general anesthesia are available only in the Rockville office.

How private and confidential is my visit?
Your appointment and all information about your health history and visit are protected and completely confidential. We will not confirm your appointment. We will not release any information concerning you or your appointment without your written permission.

Do I need a referral or do I need to see my doctor to confirm the pregnancy?
No. We’ll perform all the tests and gather all the information we need when you come for your visit.

When can I go back to work?
Most women return to their usual activities the next day. You will need to avoid strenuous activity and heavy lifting for 2 weeks.

Do you have any Female doctors?
Yes, we have a female doctor at our Hagerstown office.

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