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Potomac Family Planning Center patient’s frequently send us emails, thank you cards and notes.

It is helpful and healing to write one’s thoughts down after having an abortion.

Plus, incoming patient's find comfort in reading other women’s comments.


Taken from cards, letters and calls

"I was very scared and nervous but everyone was so sweet and understanding. I like to think that all of you are miracle makers. Thank you from the bottom of my heart."

"You guys were the best."

"I never thought this could happen to me. I always thought abortion was wrong. I was relieved when everyone was so nice. Now I know accidents can happen to anyone."

"I thought my visit there was extremely comfortable. Everyone was very helpful, friendly and especially non-judgmental.
Everyone was very patient with me and kind to me during this difficult time. I think my stress level was much less than it would have been had the staff been anything other than understanding and non-judgmental."

"The counselor made you feel like you were talking to your best friend."

(A planned pregnancy with a fetal abnormality) "You saw me through one of the darkest days of my life and I’ll never forget you for it.
Everything was so professional and caring. I felt as if I was more than just another person."

"Your center is just wonderful. I could not believe how good I felt immediately after the surgery. It was fast and efficient."

"Lo que me agrado mucho fue la buena disposicion de ayudar. Llame a varias clinicas para preguentar y en esta fue la que mejor me attendieron, me dieron mucha confianza."
English translation - "What pleased me most was the receptionist’s pleasant disposition and helpful nature. I called various clinics and this one attended to me and gave me hope."

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