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We have three offices in Maryland serving the Northeast United States.

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Rockville, MD
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Catonsville, Maryland
(410) 788-4400

Hagerstown, Maryland
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What our patients are saying

I walked out of another clinic and I am glad I did. I felt your facility was organized, comforting and safe. Abortion is a hard decision and you guys made it easier.

C. S.

I was really impressed and comforted, starting with the friendly receptionist and throughout my entire appointment. The whole staff was helpful and understanding. I would highly recommend Potomac Family Planning Center to my friends.”


Everyone was so kind. It was the worst day of my life but everyone made it the best it could be.


In going through a traumatic experience (fetal abnormality) the staff made me feel as comfortable as possible. Everyone was polite, friendly and understanding and professional.


I am a PhD faculty member who teaches women’s health courses. My entire experience at your clinic was awe-inspiring. Clearly you are committed to your jobs and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for providing such excellent health care. Your work, time and courage is so very much appreciated.


So grateful for such caring and non-judgmental people at this clinic. I would definitely recommend this facility with very high praise.


Words cannot express how comforting and caring everyone was.


Very clean, nice environment.


I appreciated a same day appointment. Everywhere else I called couldn’t schedule me for at least a week.


I just really want to say how much I appreciate all the staff that were there. From the ladies who check you in to the anesthesiologist, doctor, and everyone else. I was so incredibly nervous and everyone was so helpful to provide me an environment where it felt safe and comfortable. It even made me emotional on how friendly and supportive everyone here was. Thank you so much again.


We're Open 5 Days a Week

We offer appointments most days of the week for your convenience. We take appointments by phone (301-251-9124, Rockville OR (410) 788-4400, Catonsville ) or you can request one online.

Monday to Friday : 9am – 5pm

Saturday : 9am – 2pm (Rockville and Catonsville locations)

Confidentiality Notice

The information asked online is no different than what you would be asked over the telephone. Your information will be transmitted by secured, encrypted e-mail. Though we make every effort to keep your information secure, it is still possible that the information you provide could be captured by individuals who are engaged in illegal internet observance. By providing and submitting your confidential information, you accept the risk of sending this information by e-mail to Potomac Family Planning Center(“PFPC”) personnel. When submitting by e-mail, you also agree not to hold Potomac Family Planning, it's subsidiaries, including its employees or agents, liable for any damages you may incur as a result of the transfer or use of this information.



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Frequently Asked

Is having an abortion safe?

Yes. Even minor complications are very rare, and our doctors are gynecologists who have decades of experience specializing in abortion care.

Can I get pregnant again after having an abortion?

You could become pregnant again right away. Abortion generally does not affect fertility. You should consider the day of the abortion as the first day of your period—ovulation normally occurs about 14 days later.

How do I know which anesthesia to choose?

General anesthesia is the best choice if you do not want to feel, hear, or remember anything during the procedure. The procedure lasts a few minutes.

Alternatively, Local anesthesia involves administering lidocaine into the cervix. This offers some numbing to the immediate area. You will be fully conscious during the procedure. You can drive yourself.

Finally, “twilight sleep” induces a light sedation via intravenous (IV) medication. The sedative will help you to relax during your procedure. However, you will be partially conscious and may feel discomfort.

Please note that twilight sleep and general anesthesia are available only in the Rockville and Baltimore offices.

Do I need a referral? Or do I need to see my doctor to confirm the pregnancy?

No. We will perform all the required tests and gather all the necessary information during your visit.

How do I know whether to choose an in-clinic abortion or abortion by pill?

This is a personal decision. The pill must be done early in pregnancy—up to 10 weeks (70 days) from the first day of your last period. The pill option is more involved than an in-clinic procedure, and will require a follow-up visit. By contrast, an in-clinic abortion is more efficient than a pill. Everything is usually completed in one visit, while follow-up visits are optional.

Does it hurt?

If under local anesthesia, you should expect moderate to strong cramping—similar to a bad period—during and immediately after the abortion. Twilight sleep relaxes you, but you may still feel cramping during the procedure. General anesthesia will ensure that you are fully asleep during the abortion; you will feel only some light cramping when you awaken. Twilight sleep and general anesthesia are available only in the Rockville and Baltimore facilities.

If you choose an abortion by pill, you should expect moderate to strong cramping after taking the medication at home.

How private and confidential is my visit?

Your appointment and all information about your health history and visit will be protected and kept completely confidential. We will not confirm your appointment by phone or email, other than to respond directly to an initial scheduling request. We will not release any information concerning you or your appointment without your permission. For ultimate privacy, you may also choose our Private VIP appointment option.

When can I go back to work?

Most people return to their usual activities the next day.

Funding Assistance


Programs designed to assist patients with no insurance or other means to pay for their care with supplemental financial support. You have no obligation to repay any grants made for you.


Assistance programs are phone-operated and you must call directly to the service.


These programs have our information and will send your pledge directly to us.


You may receive support from more than one funding program.


Other funding programs exist and your case manager may refer you to additional funding services which are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Call us (301-251-9124, Rockville OR 410-788-4400, Catonsville) in advance if you are receiving other funding so we can ensure it is accepted.


Schedule an appointment before calling the funding assistance programs.

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