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Monday – Friday
9am – 4:30pm

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After you request an appointment online, we will contact you as soon as possible, usually by the next morning. If you have not heard from us after 24 hours, please call us.

We are inspected and licensed by the State of Maryland. The clinic is in a convenient and easy to find location in Hagerstown, Maryland. Our doctors are experienced gynecologists who specialize in women’s health. The doctors are supported by a team of registered nurses, counselors and medical assistants all of whom are dedicated to providing exceptional care in a compassionate respectful setting.

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PFPC in Hagerstown, MD

* Patients up to 12 weeks and 3 days with one previous c-section are required to pay an additional $50 and patients with two previous c-sections are required to pay an additional $100.

** Patients over 12 weeks and 3 days with a previous c-section are required to pay an additional $100. We cannot see patients over 12 weeks and 3 days with more than one previous c-section. 

Abortion by Pill (Medical Abortion – RU486)

If you have a negative blood type you will require Rhogam

Up to 12 weeks and 3 days LMP: $100
12 weeks and 4 days and above: $150

We accept Maryland Medicaid, and most private insurances with prior verification. We also accept cash and all major credit cards.

Making an Appointment

For more than 30 years, women from Maryland, Virginia and West Virginia have traveled to Hagerstown MD for abortion and birth control care.

We know how difficult it is to make a decision about an unplanned pregnancy. Often women feel there is no one who could understand what they are feeling. We want to help you find the option you think is best.

Just pick up the phone and call 301- 733-2400 and our experienced phone counselors will assist you. Our phones are open Monday through Saturday and we can usually schedule you quickly.

On the day of your appointment eat lightly. Your guest is welcome but please make childcare arrangements as small children are not allowed.

Private Insurance

You must provide private insurance information 24-48 hours prior to your appointment.  You may call our office before your appointment to see what is covered.


We are providers of Maryland Medicaid.


We are providers of Blue Cross Blue Shield, Aetna, Cigna, Carefirst.


We are NOT providers of Allegiance, Anthem Blue Cross Blue Shield, Health Keepers, Highmark, United Healthcare, and federal insurance plans.


You will need to bring a photo ID and your health insurance card to your appointment. Any other payments can be made by cash or credit card.

Insurance Verification

We accept most pre-verified insurances to cover abortion services in all of our facilities. All of our facilities accept Maryland Medicaid. If your insurance is through an employee of the federal government, it will not cover abortion services. If you do not have insurance or your insurance does not cover the procedure, we work with local funding programs to assist with costs.

Insurance Verification Form: Patients may fill out their insurance information for prior verification. Insurance information must be received more than 24 hours before a scheduled appointment to be verified by the appointment time.

Funding Assistance


Programs designed to assist patients with no insurance or other means to pay for their care with supplemental financial support. You have no obligation to repay any grants made for you.


Assistance programs are phone-operated and you must call directly to the service.


These programs have our information and will send your pledge directly to us.


You may receive support from more than one funding program.


Other funding programs exist and your case manager may refer you to additional funding services which are accepted on a case-by-case basis.


Call us 301-251-9124 (Rockville), 301-733-2400 (Hagerstown), OR 410-788-4400 (Baltimore) in advance if you are receiving other funding so we can ensure it is accepted.


Schedule an appointment before calling the funding assistance programs.


Frequently Asked

Is having an abortion safe?

Yes. Even minor complications are very rare, and our doctors are gynecologists who have decades of experience specializing in abortion care.

Can I get pregnant again after having an abortion?

You could become pregnant again, right away. Abortion generally does not affect fertility. You should consider the day of your abortion as the first day of your period—ovulation normally occurs about 14 days later.

How do I know which anesthesia to choose?

General anesthesia is the best choice if you do not want to feel, hear, or remember anything during the procedure. The procedure lasts a few minutes.

Alternatively, Local anesthesia involves administering lidocaine into the cervix which offers some numbing. You will be fully conscious during the procedure. You can drive yourself.

Please note that general anesthesia is available only in the Rockville and Baltimore offices.

Do I need a referral? Or do I need to see my doctor to confirm the pregnancy?

No. We will perform all required tests and gather all necessary information during your visit.

How do I know whether to choose an in-clinic abortion or abortion by pill?

This is a personal decision. The pill must be done early in pregnancy—up to 10 weeks (70 days) from the first day of your last period. The pill option is more involved (than an in-clinic procedure) and requires a follow-up visit. By contrast, an in-clinic abortion is more efficient than a pill. Everything is usually completed in one visit, while follow-up visits are optional.

Does it hurt?

If under local anesthesia, you should expect moderate to strong cramping—similar to a bad period—during and immediately after the abortion.  General anesthesia will ensure that you are fully asleep during the abortion; you will feel light cramping when you awaken. General anesthesia is only available in the Rockville and Baltimore facilities.

If you choose an abortion by pill, you should expect moderate to strong cramping after taking the medication at home.

How private and confidential is my visit?

Your appointment and all information about your health history and visit will be protected and kept completely confidential. We will not confirm your appointment by phone or email, other than to respond directly to an initial scheduling request. We will not release any information concerning you or your appointment without your permission. For ultimate privacy, you may also choose our Private VIP appointment option.

When can I go back to work?

Most people return to their usual activities the next day.

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