Gynecological Services

In addition to abortion care, we offer gyn services and birth control services.

All of our Gynecologists are Board Certified.

In addition to abortion care, we offer gyn services and birth control services.

The team of physicians at Potomac Family Planning Center have been committed to providing private, affordable GYN Services in Maryland for over 25 years.

Gynecological (GYN Services)

  • Pregnancy Testing (early urine test, early blood test)
  • Ultrasound to determine length of pregnancy
  • Options Counseling – If you’re pregnant and uncertain about your plans for your pregnancy, we will discuss all of your options.
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Birth Control Options

  • Birth Control Pill Prescriptions
  • Birth Control Shot every 3 months
  • Nuva Ring
  • Xulane (the patch)
  • Morning After Pill

Birth Control Counseling

Birth Control Counseling & Services – We will help you find the method that is right for you!

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